The UK Government’s Dreadful Handling of COVID-19

£400 fine + £500 grant = profit

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Not Quite as Simple as That

Now, let’s dissect this a little further, because as you might expect it’s not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme.

Not using them properly

Australia, way back in August, had seen 20,000 fines issued in the state of Victoria alone. That represents a population of about 6.3 million people, which is just over 10% of the population of England and Wales combined, which only issued 32,000 fines from March 2020 through January 2021. So, are these fines, that have fluctuated in value about as much as the virus’ presence itself, actually being used productively?

Easy money

This is where the £500 grant comes in, which has been in effect since self-isolation was written into the legal books on the 28th of September 2020. We have had furlough since March 2020, which has cost, so far, more than £46 billion.

The reality of the situation

Probably not. If you get caught and pay a fine you will be on a system somewhere, and I think you could safely bet your bottom-COVID-grant-dollar that you’d come up with a big red flag next to your name if you tried to apply for the grant after breaking the law.

The real takeaway

So, it’s not a case of having a good time with your mates and getting paid to recover from the enhanced hangover. Instead, what these fines and grants illustrate is the clear disparity between the reality of the situation and what the government thinks that reality is.

A Total Failure

The UK government has failed in the battle against COVID-19 in so many ways, and of course it’s not alone in these failures. However, this debacle surrounding the fines and grants should illustrate just how all over the place things are and have been since the beginning.

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