The Importance Of Your Small Successes

How to use your small successes to achieve your long-term goals.

It is easy to forget about all of our small victories. For some people, their first achievement of the day is just getting out of bed. For others it is striking up a conversation with someone new, and for someone else it might be closing a million-dollar sale.

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Our successes are all relative to our own goals, ambitions and beliefs. My small success might be a huge one for you, and vice versa. The important thing is that we think they are successes.

Successes of all sizes are powerful tools. They are not just reward mechanisms, but instead they are motivations, measuring sticks, and even learning curves. They drive us forward to our next success, while showing us how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

Learn From Both Failures and Successes

It’s common knowledge that we must learn from our mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lot from our successes too. They may appear to be fewer and further between than our failures, but even our small successes show us what actually works for us, and they can indicate what makes us feel good as well.

We don’t just learn the right way to do things when we succeed, as we also learn a lot about what these successes do to our mind and thought processes.

Sure, securing a lucrative contract or getting your story published by a big player in the writing industry will make you feel good and can yield tangible rewards, but some of the most useful information about ourselves can be learned from the relatively tiny achievements that we make on a daily basis.

Small But Valuable

Everyone knows that big successes are good and can make you rich and happy. But these don’t come around very often, and it can be difficult to increase their frequency.

Smaller successes on the other hand, such as meeting tough deadlines, completing a story you’ve been working on for ages or convincing yourself to finally go out on that morning run, can yield instantaneous results on a more frequent basis, often with much less effort.

This isn’t just great because you will feel more successful, but also because it will show you just how happy small actions can make you feel. You will learn what makes you feel best, and realise that it doesn’t take a massive achievement to point you in the direction of where you want to be.

The learning process with small successes is not necessarily in terms of doing things the right way, but instead it will teach you to start doing more of the right things.

The right things for me at any one time will not be the same as the right things for you, and that is why it is such an important learning process.

Find What Makes You Feel Successful

I can’t tell you which small successes you should be working towards, as you will have to find that out for yourself. All you have to do is set some basic goals, and when you achieve them you will probably have a fair idea of what your next goal should be.

A typical example would be writing a 1000 word article on a topic you are passionate about. The logical next step after achieving that goal would be to write another one or to increase the length of the next one.

By looking at your small successes, you will find out which ones make you feel the best and which ones yield the best results for you personally. It will also show you where you should be aiming next.

Shift Your Perspective

You will be surprised by how many times you succeed per day, week, month or year. All it can take is a shift in perspective to turn something small into something big, and that happens far too easily with a lot of bad things in life such as the things that we fear or the things that we loathe.

Why shouldn’t it be just as easy to do it for all of the good things in life?

You shouldn’t treat everything as a success, as most of the things that we do just do not warrant any kind of celebration at all.

Be reasonable, and narrow down what things in your life you are proud of, and what small actions you think you should do more of in order to become healthier, happier, and more successful.

It’s a trial and error process. If you treat something like a success one day, and the next time you do it you don’t feel great or it ends up making you feel worse, change your perspective. Stop striving to do more of that thing.

Conversely, things that you do all the time but never thought of as achievements can become successes if you believe them to actually be a positive action.

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Small Successes Are Still Successes

The important thing is to see your small successes for what they actually are — successes!

Use them to learn how to make your life better and to work towards achieving your larger goals, and watch how you can transform your life without really changing anything at all.

Freelance writer and aspiring blogger. Creator of Sophical Content.

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