I liked the article Daan, and it's always interesting to see how much these kinds of metrics can vary from story to story.

However, I think it would be useful to note that views are not the only measuring stick for articles, as the read ratio is important as well. Medium itself describes the difference between views and reads like this:

"Views are the number of visitors who clicked on a story's page, while Reads tells you how many viewers have read the entire story (an estimate)."

Thus, a story could get 100k views but only have a read ratio of 20%, while another may have been read from start to finish by 80k people. This is going to be a better indicator of a pattern than simply views, and I know from my own experience how wildly read ratios can vary between stories!

But once again, great article, and thanks for sharing this information with us in such a clear fashion! Good luck with all of your future stories!

Freelance writer and aspiring blogger. Creator of Sophical Content. https://sophicalcontent.com

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