A 6-Step Morning Routine For A Better Day

Enjoy having more energy and enhanced productivity

1. Wake up to light rather than sound

This is one of those tricks I have wanted to try for years, but never got around to it. You can buy Wi-Fi bulbs for anywhere between £/$10–30, and they are worth their weight in gold. Basically, you put the bulb into a lamp, or indeed your main room light, and link it to an app on your phone.

2. Set an alarm at the other side of the room

I know I said that waking up to light is better than any alarm, but this step serves a practical purpose in that it forces you out of bed to turn it off. It also serves as a good backup in case you want that extra level of security, so you don’t sleep in and miss anything important.

Photo by Abdülkadir Vardi on Unsplash

3. Don’t go on your phone

Most people go on their phone as soon as they get up, and I am definitely guilty of this. I use my phone as my alarm, but I make a point of simply putting it back down once I turn off the alarm, and it stays there until after breakfast.

4. Drink some water

This is a good habit to form on its own, but drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning is a super healthy way to start your day. You’ve just gone (hopefully) many hours without a drink while you were sleeping, and you know that your body needs water to survive. So why starve it any longer?

5. Meditative workout

Don’t be intimidated, as I’m not asking you to find your soul at 7am. Nor am I asking you to beat your deadlifting PB before breakfast. Instead, this step is the way to really wake up your body and your mind simultaneously, before you take on the rest of your day.

6. Have a high-fat breakfast

Technically speaking, all of these steps are optional. But this is one that I understand a lot of people may struggle with. Many struggle to eat anything before 10am, while others need something to eat the moment they wake up.

Freelance writer and aspiring blogger. Creator of Sophical Content. https://sophicalcontent.com

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