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It’s (finally) the end of the year. You’ve spent a lot of time inside, and you feel like you’ve watched all of YouTube. You’ve listened to every podcast there is. You’re waiting for an award from Netflix for ‘Most Time Spent Browsing’ yet you still haven’t made a dent in that bookshelf you spent a full day building at the start of lockdown.

Or maybe you have done nothing but read for the past six months and are looking for some new books to get stuck into over the next six. …

£400 fine + £500 grant = profit

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I don’t tend to write political posts on Medium, nor do I like to write about the pandemic as it has felt overdone since last March. But this is something I couldn’t resist exploring as it just comes across as completely ludicrous.

My mum sent me a meme (yep, my mum) regarding the UK government’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. The joke outlined the fact that there are fines in place of up to £800 if you’re caught at a house party, but this is halved if you pay it quickly.

If you then caught COVID-19 at said house party…

Without giving up coffee!

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I used to nap most days. The earliest recollection I have of taking a nap when I probably shouldn’t have was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I got home from school and was supposed to be going to my friend’s house once I got changed. Instead, I lay down and went to sleep.

My parents were not impressed, and neither was I. Even at that age I felt guilty, having messed up my friend’s plans. I still feel guilty looking back on it.

That was a one off in primary school (as far as I can…

A bit of motivation for new writers on Medium

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One of my stories just passed two milestones this morning. This was my first story to pass 20,000 views, and it was also my first story to earn me $500. This is crazy for me, but the norm for others, and I fully understand that. But this article is aimed at those for whom this is not the norm and those that see these kinds of numbers as their goals.

That’s because these numbers are still goals for me every time I start typing a new story. …

Simple ways to streamline your life with the free app

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Productivity, time management and the ability to make the most of the energy I have has been a struggle since I left high school. It was a struggle before too, but I didn’t have much to worry about besides homework and video games. University is a different beast, and having to work on the side of that meant I had to work things out fast.

The truth is, I’m still not great at managing my time. I still procrastinate, but definitely less so than I did even 6 months ago. …

Prioritise books you enjoy and learn from

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2020 was a good year for my reading goals. I picked up a lot of books and finished a good chunk of them. But I also put a few books down midway through reading them, and this made me feel a little guilty. I have since realised that there is no need to feel bad about this.

Putting a book down halfway through is not usually a nice feeling, especially if it’s a book you really wanted to get to the end of. It can make you feel a bit guilty, and a little underwhelmed at your own reading abilities…

To be a happier person and to waste less time

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Giving up social media is a resolution for many people throughout the year, and not just at the beginning of a new one. But we all know it’s far harder than it should be. However, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to try and focus your mind on what is really to be gained from spending less time on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is not an article designed to make you give up social media completely. My aim is simply to open your mind a little to the reasons you are spending so much…

It’s what you do when you roll out of bed that counts

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If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that my time is extremely valuable. Sure, I knew this before, but I never appreciated it to the same extent that I now do. It’s not because I am aware of how quickly it can be taken away from me. It’s not because, at a moment’s notice, I could become unwell and be unable to use my time for what I want to use it for.

No, it’s because I have so damn much of it, and thus the things I can achieve are beyond the imagination of my pre-pandemic self.


Working for yourself is an intimidating prospect

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I started my freelancing career out of nowhere around a year ago, in August of 2019. I am a university student, and back then, I was also working in a shop part-time. Long story short, I ended up writing on Fiverr and made enough money to quit my part-time job and focus on writing and studying.

This year I have focused further on my writing, moving off Fiverr and dealing with external clients. …

Enjoy having more energy and enhanced productivity

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Over the past few months, I have played around with my morning routine more than ever. Spending so much time at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic means I am constantly trying to find ways to maximise every minute of my day.

Getting your morning wrong can often mean getting your day wrong. That was definitely the case for me for the bulk of lockdown.

I’m now managing the final year of my university degree while trying to get my writing career off the ground. …

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