7 Healthy Habits to Stop Napping Every Day

Without giving up coffee!

1. Drinking More Water

This one has been the bane of my life for years. I live in Scotland, which as you can imagine is hardly a warm climate. It’s the polar opposite. In fact, it’s borderline Polar. For this reason, we Scots don’t lose as much water naturally as many of our friends in more tropical, Mediterranean or even temperate climates do.

2. Less Screen Time Before Bed

This one is a well-known habit that is encouraged for those that struggle to get to sleep. I will be the first to say that putting away my devices for an hour before bed does not always allow me to fall asleep faster, so it definitely isn’t a panacea for that particular problem. However, I do think it improves the quality of my sleep.

3. Going to Bed Earlier

This one is straightforward, but it doesn’t have to mean bed by 10pm. Instead, I simply took midnight as my limit at first. I’m hardly a night owl anymore anyway, at the ripe old age of 22 I just can’t whack these late nights anymore!

4. Making Reading Before Bed a Ritual

This one has been tough on many occasions, but it has been a great way to mix two great habits into one. Reading before bed has allowed me to up the number of books I’ve been reading, while also tiring myself out in healthy way, ready for a good night’s rest.

5. Forcing Myself to Stay Awake

There were days in the past that I would be falling asleep at my desk, and I would feel like I just had to nap. Everyone has had this feeling at some point, but it usually comes at the end of a long day, not at 2 in the afternoon. I used to just cede to this desire and throw away valuable time in the day.

6. Continuing to Drink Coffee!

This is one I feel quite strongly about. I love coffee and have used it throughout university not just as a stimulant or a tasty hot beverage, but also as a sociable thing.

7. Planning My Caffeine Intake

I used to have a coffee with my breakfast every day, which was because I didn’t want to have to wait until I got into the city where I go to university and have to buy one or take one on the train with me straight after brushing my teeth.

Freelance writer and aspiring blogger. Creator of Sophical Content. https://sophicalcontent.com

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